Charles Lowell Realty, LLC

Real Estate, Investment & Development

Real estate at the core:

The overall essence of our company focuses on one key element and that is real estate. Whether brokering million dollar residential deals, investing in business opportunities or developing multi-million dollar commercial projects, Charles Lowell Realty is the premier firm of choice.

Here at Charles Lowell Realty, our company is divided into two unique branches.  The first of which is Charles Lowell Realty Real Estate Firm that is exclusively devoted towards brokering real estate transactions.  Those transactions may include sales, leasing, contract negotiations, appraisals and the marketing of real estate.  This branch has been in existence for the past 15 years and has an outstanding track record of success in the South Florida region.  

The second branch, Charles Lowell Realty Investment & Development Firm strictly focuses on seeking out new real estate opportunities to invest and develop.  Although this branch of CLR is the newest, it promises to be the most ambitious of our corporate branches.  Our goal is to establish a 50 million dollar portfolio by 2020 and a 200 million dollar portfolio of real estate development by 2025.  Our ultimate goal is to create an investment and development corporation that surpasses 1 billion dollars in real estate holdings within the next 20 years.  

In The News

Upcoming Projects?

Currently collaborating with the SEOPW on the renovation of two residential housing complexes. 

Existing Projects

Current projects include residential, commercial and business development throughout Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Atlantaand Detroit.

Projects 2 & 3

​Currently negotiating two multi-million dollar mixed use sites in Miami-Dade County targeting a Veteran's Village & an upscale Live/Work/Play Community.

Targeted Projects:

Detroit is on the radar as CLR explores new development opportunities in the Downtown & Midtown corridor of the city.